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Sir Anthony

Sir Anthony gives the Library a shout-out in the New Yorker Magazine, 9/12/22.

Sitting by the side of the road
for 42 years!

Good News 2: 
Tropic of Cancer clocks in at # 4 of Bob Dylan’s all time favorite books. 
Read about it here!

Quote from Carly Taylor’s article:
Miller is a powerful author to turn to in our periods of hopelessness, for he can breed joy where others find only nihilism. He sees “a world without hope but no despair.”

Stefan White and Magnus Torén sat down for a wonderful conversation (and a reunification after 31 years!) Here’s the Podcast Episode.

You will hear Stefan’s beautiful voice telling stories about family, Australia, Big Sur, Austria and much more. Some of the White family we speak of are in photographs that Stefan provided to the right: Stefan, Dan, Pat, Emil.
We also touch on:
The Morgenrath family.
Robert Redford and Sonia Braga
A mail-order bride Mother
Living close to where Hitler grew up
Biking in central Europe
Sleeping with headhunters
Being better than Giacometti!
Dr Zeus….and, very important for Stefan, we spoke of his dedication and love for Prem Rawat.


Edwin Huizinga

One man, one microphone, one violin. The inanimate become animate. Edwin is taming his unruly violin only to presently let it free onto, and into, a wild spin on Bach!  😊

Podcast Interview

Here’s Edwin’s website

 From Edwin:

Ever since I was five years old, I have been playing the violin.  I grew up in the forest, on a little farm, about twenty minutes outside of a small city called Guelph.

What I think the current global fermata has done for many, is letting us reshape the way we think of many things, and to look back into our lives, and find that which truly gives comfort and solace. For me two of those things are music and nature. Now, when I think about playing music, and more than that – when I think about playing violin by myself, I inevitably turn to Bach at some point. Johann is my favorite composer of old. I truly believe he has much to offer to anyones imagination. 

So, I end up in the Redwoods, with my violin, playing violin, in one of the most special building I know, full of books, and memories, called the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

I hope you enjoy.


A Steinway upright is now installed, tuned and ready for you to play, perform and record! (Acoustics in this room is legendary!)

The piano was donated to us by a generous family north of us and delivered by Howard Piano Moving.

Tuning by Nicholas Fettis
Listen to him play the piano post tuning HERE!

Henry Miller loved playing the piano and his first wife Beatrice Sylvas Wickens was an accomplished pianist.