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The Project is a tribute to the American author Henry Miller who is unfortunately largely unknown and executed from the academic canon, who was more appreciated in Europe than in his native country, whose books provoked resonance, were judged obscene and thus forbidden in the USA and Great Britain until 1960s. Yet he deserves to be remembered not just as the author of the banned books that broke through censorship barriers.
In his own distinctive way Henry Miller managed to transform his life experiences into literature. Parading naked before the readers, having an image of marginalized “bad boy”, Miller intersected his life and art, nevertheless considered imaging-tion as the only true reality. He forwarded a clear message of self-liberation, challenged literary sexual taboos that at the same time signified assault on the brutalization of man.
Henry Miller embarrassed or perhaps shamed and did not fit into generally accepted traditions and moral principles, though is indeed worthy of the rightful place in the American literature.

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