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I’m old to enough to remember when school lunches were $1.  One dollar!

digest2Alas, you can’t get much nowadays for even $2.  The New York Times, for example, is $2.50.  A pack of gum, with tax, pushes you towards $2.

And besides, the Times is depressing and the gum – if it has xylitol – isn’t good for you.

What if you could donate $2 a month to the non-profit Henry Miller Library instead, as a sign of your support for all we do?  (Not sure of what we do?  See below.)

Well you can.  You can make an automated payment of just $2 a month by clicking here.  (You can opt out at anytime, naturally.)

In return you get satisfaction of helping us create a sustainable future while maintaining our robust and eclectic programming offerings.

But you get even more!  You’ll be added to our exclusive monthly e-mail digest.  I guess that’s why we’re ultimately talking about this, because the January 2014 digest was sent a few days ago, and it’s amazing.  The screenshot to the left gives you an inkling.  Here’s the contents:

1.  Flaming Lips get Kafka-esque – exclusive photos!
2.  Special HML poster discount for digest members!
3.  Father John Misty riffs at our 10-year fundraiser!
4.  Rare photo of the Miller the family man, circa 1950!
5.  How Miller met Emil White: The official “creation story” (and the reason why we’re here)
6. Arthur Hoyle is set to go on tour with his new book The Unknown Henry Miller.’

That’s good stuff!  And of course, if you subscribe anytime in the month of January you’ll get a copy of – you guessed it – the January digest.

So yeah.  Show your support for $2 a month!  Click here!

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