Yesterday saw an unprecedented amount of Big Sur children’s writing workshop registrations. Act soon before we forget where we came from.

People assume that working at the Henry Miller Library is a glamorous gig, and guess what?  It mostly is.

For example, I once gave Ben Gibbard some cream for his coffee.  Then there was the time I sold $56-worth of used polka records to a strapping, jean-clean Hollywood start (whose name I’ll omit due to possible legal entanglements.)

Ah yes, brushing shoulders with famous people is one of the many perks of Library employment.  (Oh hold on – I’m getting a call from an old high school friend back home.  Whatever, let it go to voice mail.)

But seriously guys….it’s not all cold cut trays and artisan cocktails.

Sometimes we have to scrub the floors on our hand and knees, and other days – like yesterday – we have to manually register aspiring writers for the world’s best children’s writing workshop, also known as the Big Sur Writing Workshop.

It’s mildly arduous Yeoman’s work, and – as I mentioned – yesterday was particularly grueling.  And that’s because six people registered in one day!

workshop1We don’t have the data handy, but that’s probably 10% of the total registrants signing up in one day alone.

What does it all mean?

It means if you’re an aspiring writer with an idea, or a trace of an idea, or the glean of a trace of an idea, the time is now to sign up for our March 7-9 workshop in Seaside, CA (next to Monterey.)  Now is the hour.  The workshop will sell out before the February 20th deadline.

Click here for more information.  Tell your friends.  Check out why the workshop is so awesome here.  Look at the past participants who walked away with publi$hing deal$ here.

In other words: bring us back to earth with honest workingman’s-work.  Make us take down your email address over the phone.  Let us answer your frequently asked questions (FAQs.)  Distract us from our consistently glamorous existence with some old-fashioned data entry.

Keep our egos in check.

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