Your artistic proclivities could cost you – The deadline is fast approaching for the best children’s writing workshop ever!

Artists are cool because they wait to the last minute sometimes.

workshop1It’s romantic to type that last word and hit “send” before deadline, or pull an all-nighter hopped up on Shasta, or whip up some masterful story or song by magically pulling it out of the ether (e.g. the classic “the story wrote itself” thing.)

“Nothing to focus the mind like imminent death,” the old saying goes, right?


Let’s take a closer look at this breathlessly misguided logic, point-by-point.

One, you really oughta give yourself time to edit your stuff before you impetuously hit “send” at the last minute.  Two, sugary caffeinated soft drinks are POISON, and three, Malcolm Gladwell proved that the trope of the auteur is mostly fiction.

Our point: waiting till the last minute to sign up for the world’s greatest children’s writing workshop will not pay off, aesthetically, artistically, or professionally.  That’s because it will sell out very soon.

Of course, we’re referring to the Big Sur Writing Workshops for for picture books, early reader, middle grade & YA fiction, courtesy of the Andrea Brown Agency and the Henry Miller Library.

The next workshop is March 7-9, 2014 in Seaside, CA and the deadline to register is Feb. 20th.

We understand our threats may not work either, however.  Artists are a sensitive bunch.  We don’t want to drive you further in your “shell!”  So instead we’ll let previous alumni do the talking.

The view from the Embassy Suites, where you'll stay

The view from the Embassy Suites, where you’ll stay.

Here are honest-to-goodness real quotes by previous workshop-goers, and the tenor and tone of their compliments eerily resemble that of, say, giddy Scientology adherents or individuals flush with massive quantities of endorphins.

Either way, the quotes are real, and you’ll have to trust us and that point.

And once again, to sign up, click here or call 831-667-2574.

And remember: procrastination is dumb.  This is your life!

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