We’re about to send out the new Henry Miller Library E-mail Digest for February AND IT’S FABULOUS

For just $2 (!!) a month you can support the The Henry Miller Memorial Library and receive our monthly e-mail digest, a delectable bouillabaisse of secret videos, stories, and discounts on items like t-shirts (see photo)!

Men's v-neck cut.  Click the pic for bigger view!
Men’s v-neck cut. Click the pic for bigger view!

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We’re about to send the February installment – and it’s a doozy.  Here’s what you’re missing!

1.  New t-shirt discount for Digest members!
2.  The night Keely met (and drove around) Ryan Adams!
3.  Is this the most scandalous Miller photo of them all?
4.  On Anais Nin (Or “You Wouldn’t Be Reading This if not For Anais Nin”)
5.  Top-secret archival footage of the top-secret Chili Peppers Show, circa 2011!
6.  Is Hippie Sven Neil Young’s long lost twin?
7.  Photographs and a story about meeting Henry 1958 by Charles Rotmil

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