Another incredible testimonial from a Big Sur Writing Workshop alumni. Meet Jackie Lea Sommers!

Loyal readers of this blog know that we at the Library are bullish on the Big Sur Writing Workshops for picture books, early reader, middle grade & YA fiction, courtesy of the Andrea Brown Agency and the Henry Miller Library.

We often refer to it as “the greatest children’s writing workshop in the galaxy” or whatever vast astronomically-related entity happens to tickle our fancy at the moment.

It's Jackie!
It’s Jackie!

Since we haven’t  been sued for libel yet, we’re sticking with that pithy tagline.

(BTW: time is running out to register for the March conference – click here!)

So when we get glowing testimonials from satisfied alumni, we know why the lawyers remain at bay: dozens upon dozens of publishing deals and real-life testimonials can’t be wrong!

The most recent raves come from write Jackie Lea Sommers.  (Check her out!) She attended our March 2013 workshop in Seaside, CA and provided a illuminating account of the proceedings.  Check it out here.

In fact, Jackie provides commentary on specific elements of the weekend.  For example, here are her thoughts on the first critique group:

Loved this critique group, which was led by Lara Perkins of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  She was beautiful and gracious, a great leader, and so wise in her direction and critique.  At the end of this session, I knew two things: 1) I was excited to revise chapter one and 2) I absolutely ADORED Lara.

She also gives us props on her “Writing and Editing” services page, noting:

I attended the Big Sur Writing Workshop in March 2013, and I was blown away by how much I learned about the children’s and young adult literature industry in just one weekend.  The small, intimate critique group setting was instrumental in helping me re-write the first chapter of my novel.  This workshop is perfect for serious YA writers with a completed or near-completed manuscript.

So once again: time is running out to register for the March conference – click here!

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