Big Sur Writing Workshop registration deadline is in TWO DAYS! Check out previous publs

The carrot: the deadline to participate in the world’s greatest children’s writing workshop is 48 hours from now.  You’ll miss the best professional experience of your life, not to mention meet the industry’s best and brights, and make awesome friends!

To sign up, click here and/or call 831-667-2574.

The stick: By signing up you could be like Jennifer Castle.

jennifer castle author photoJennifer attended a previous workshop and met Andrea Brown agent Jaime Weiss Chilton.  They began a working partnership with resulted in Jaime getting Jennifer a publishing deal with HarperCollins, beginning with her debut, The Beginning of After


And Jennifer isn’t an outlier.  Far from it.  Dozens upon dozens of past participants secured publishing deals through the Andrea Brown Agency.  Check’em all out here.

The next one could be you.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

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