A long overdue check in with our pals at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library + Robert Weide event there on March 7th!

Forgive us, but we haven’t given a shout-out to our pals over at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in lovely Indianapolis. It’s long overdue.

It's Robert!
It’s Robert!

So for those of you in their neck of the woods, check it out:

Robert Weide — known for producing/directing “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and documentaries of Woody Allen, W.C. Fields and more — is coming to the Vonnegut Library on the 7th. (Tickets here!)

You’ll hear his behind-the-scenes stories and get sneak previews of his next documentary, scheduled for release in 2015 … “Kurt Vonnegut: American Made.”

So why Kurt Vonnegut?

“He is my literary idol,” Weide said. “And I dote on originality. It’s why I’ve made the films I’ve made. Kurt Vonnegut was an original.”

Like many of us, Weide discovered Vonnegut’s novels in high school. But when they chanced to meet, they went on to become close friends and collaborators.Mother_Night

Weide started what he called the “definitive documentary” in 1988 – and he’s been filming ever since. In 1996, Weide took time to write and produce the screen adaptation of one of Vonnegut’s most popular novels, Mother Night, starring Nick Nolte.

All proceeds for the March 7 events will support financing the documentary. Registration and prepayment required.

Tickets here!

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