Ellis Paul – performing this Sunday at the Henry Miller Library – profiled in this week’s Monterey County Weekly!

Check it! A splendid write-up of Sunday’s Ellis Paul performance in today’s Monterey County Weekly where Ellis talks about hanging with Pete Seeger!!

5269941613f56.preview-300“Like Seeger, Paul strives to write songs that are more than just songs. They’re open-ended questions, ideas and challenges.

“I want to be known as someone who helped deconstruct the world a bit to see a little clearer,” he says.

Take the title track off The Day After Everything Changed, a John Prine-Steve Earle conglomeration about Wabi Sabi – a comprehensive Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of imperfection, dressed with images of decay: “Leaves they fall a clock is turning on the wall colors change.”

Click the link for the whole thing!

And click here for tickets ($20 in advance; $25 at door.)

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