Reason #1 as to why our film with House of Nod about Henry Miller and Paris so important?

Why is our film with House of Nod about Henry Miller and Paris so important? Great question!

Why does the world need a movie about Henry Miller and Paris?  (Another great question, although it’s more or less a variant on the first.)

As you can imagine, we have some opinions on the matter.

For starters, it’s a subject that hasn’t been revisited in a more recent context. The video at the bottom, for example, has Henry talking about Paris in his own words; the only problem is that it was over 30 years ago. This isn’t to say it isn’t enlightening. It’s just, well, kinda old.

Our video will literally retrace Miller’s steps in 2014. Filming will take place at rue Anatole France, the very street that Miller walked everyday, 80 years ago, as well as the streets near Place de Clichy. House of Nod will meander about the wine-soaked, coffee-fueled tables of Caves du Chalet, Cafe Wepler, and Rue Lamartine, where Miller worked at the Offices of the Chicago Tribute.

The video will contextualize Miller, his relationship with Paris, and the city’s influence of writers and artists through a modern lens.  We think that’s cool.

There are more reasons too – we’ll get to those later.

Until then, we’re very close to our fundraising goal!

Please click here to show your support – any amount helps!

Thanks! And here’s that “old” video I mentioned!

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