It’s the inimitable Jim Haynes, whom we’ll be interviewing today!

Hey it’s Jim Haynes with our pals Rhonda and Al!

Jim hast been hosting his Paris Sunday Dinners from over 30 years and was a key player in European underground circles in the 1960s. He also was friends with Henry Miller.

Jim spoke last night and passed along some fascinating anecdotes. For example, he spent an afternoon with Henry in Pacific Palisades; soon after, he sent Henry a copy of his first book. Henry responded by sending Jim a list of influential people for him to send the book to, plus a check (for additional postage.)

Jim also published a book compiling tributes to Henry upon his death in 1980 collected from writers all over the world. He brought some original copies last night!

Today House of Nod (below, from last night; fatigued yet ever chipper) will be filming and interviewing Jim in greater detail for their film “Henry Miller’s Paris.”

Bennett and Rob!
Bennett and Rob!

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