Douglas Cruickshank’s “miracle” of a book, “Somehow,” named photography book of the year

It’s always when members of the Library famiglia get props.

logoConsider Doublas Cruickshank. He was here in December to discuss his “miracle” of a book (to quote the Chicago Tribute), “Somehow.” And how comes word from that the Peace Corp has dubbed it the best photography book of the year.

Their full review is here; and here’s a money quote.  And congrats Douglas!

Douglas Cruickshank’s Somehow: Living on Uganda Time, is a big book, and its 400 pages of photos and text are heavy, amazingly so. Not as in ‘heavy going’, but as in profoundly engrossing. To both the author-photographer and his friends the Ugandans, it is heavy with special meanings; stimulating, fascinating, captivating and… You get the idea….


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