In this week’s installment of legendary Big Surian…the fabled Jaime de Angulo (aka the Old Coyote of Big Sur)

Does the name Jaime de Angulo ring a bell?

If not, do read on, because he’s one of Big Sur’s most colorful and fascinating characters.

In fact, the Library has published a book about his life, an autobiography called the “Old Coyote of Big Sur.” You can buy it here.

Here’s a great video with Heidi Hopkins and the Big Sur History at the DeAngulo Ranch to talking about Jaime’s life, how he made it to Big Sur, and reading excerpts from the book.

Big Sur Historical Society discusses Jaime de Angulo from carmen tedesco on Vimeo.

Jaime was born in 1887 to Spanish parents who first lived in Paris and then came to the US in 1905, when Jaime was 18. For the next decade he was either breaking horses in Colorado or sheepherding or going to medical school – he was a rambling Rennaissance man.

Eventually a stop in Stanford brought him to Carmel. In 1913, Jaime made it to Big Sur, and the rest, well….is history!

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