Orwell and Miller: That’s what friends are for (until they aren’t friends anymore.)

As you may know, there was no greater champion of Miller’s work – early on – than George Orwell. The two even became friends yet sadly drifted apart.
Literature. Personalities. pic: circa 1940's. British author George Orwell, (1903-1950) among his many books were "Ninteen Eighty Four" and Animal Farm".
Here’s a great piece on the complex relationship of two very different – yet eerily similar – men of ideas…

“Both men were dropouts from mainstream backgrounds. After Eton and five years with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, Orwell had submerged himself in the underclass, had shared the lives of the poor and then surfaced to write Down and Out in London and Paris.

But his actions were a means to inspire change, not, like Miller’s, an end in themselves, private forays into degradation and anarchy. The profoundly unpolitical Miller had no desire to change anything….Henry Miller, 1962

Whole thing here!

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