The Philip Glass Days and Nights Festival featured in this week’s Monterey County Weekly!

“Next week, Sept. 25-28, Glass’ Days and Nights Festival returns to Carmel, Big Sur and Seaside for its fourth year.

Each of his namesake festivals is done in support of his dream of building a legacy performance and meeting hall in Big Sur called the Philip Glass Center for the Arts, Science, and the Environment.
This year’s events wholly embrace each of the center’s three pillars, and throw in humor to boot……”

““These topics are so big they can’t be by themselves. We take parts of things and put them together,” Glass says.

It comes together in four days of music, poetry, film, science, environmentalism, storytelling and dance, sometimes in the same performance. Like in the films of former Christian Brothers monk Godfrey Reggio, or in the playful hijinks and sudden swells of emotion of radio host Ira Glass’ dance performance. It’s such a medley that even Philip Glass (a working, whirling dervish who travels constantly) struggles to keep it in order.

“It happens in many ways; on the stage [or] in the minds of the audience,” he says. He has help. While he’s curated the nighttime portion of the festival, the daytime programming has been given over to the chair of CSUMB’s Cinematic Arts department, Enid Baxter Ryce [full disclosure, with a touch of bragging: she’s my wife], who’s assembled a lineup of films, an animation and puppetry workshop, talks and a social event, all free to the public…..”

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