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ciboYou’ll get the satisfaction in knowing that you recurring payment goes to a good cause – namely, our sleepy 501 © 3 nonprofit arts center BUT THERE’S MORE!

Indeed, as a Digest member you’ll get “insider access,” exclusive photos, cool content, video, and more. Why, just take a look at what Digest members are getting in the month of October.

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1. Flashback: The Harvard Crimson Reports “Tropic of Cancer” is banned in Massachusetts on Nov. 14, 1961!

Here come da judges: The Supreme Court, 1964
Here come da judges: The Supreme Court, 1964

2. Henry Miller and the SLAPS Test.

3. 30% Discount for Ping Pong for Digest Members!

4. Unsung Hero in Miller’s Life #34: Elmer Gertz

5. Lion(ish) in Winter: Miller the Elder Statesman in Pacific Palisades.

6. 30% Discount on the Cibo Matto Poster for Digest Members!

7. Sven – A Big Sur Odyssey (the one where he gets a job)

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  1. steve

    can i sign up and pay w/o paypal? thx….

    1. hmmler

      steve hey! yes, you can… it’s up to you…. you can send a check or just call the library with a credit card (831-667-2574.) For simplicity’s sake, you can pay $24 and then you’ll be set for the year. Up to you! thanks!! – mike

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