Exclusive interview w/ Magnus re: upcoming Nov 7-9 LA event celebrating the Tropic of Cancer anniversary trial!


Henry Miller is responsible for — to quote scholar James Decker — “the free speech that we now take for granted in literature.” It began fifty years ago when Miller’s novel “Tropic of Cancer” was deemed not obscene by the U.S. Supreme Court fifty years ago this year.

And so the Library and its literary magazine Ping-Pong  — who’s also celebrating the release of its newest installment — will be throwing a party to commemorate this achievement!  (Drum roll…….)

Ping Pong and the Henry Miller Library present “Speech is Not Free! 50th Anniversary of the Tropic of Cancer Obscenity Trial”, Nov 7-9 at the Coagula Curatorial Gallery (947 Chung King Rd.) in Los Angeles!!

Click here for an interview with Library Director Magnus Toren as he talks about this most excellent weekend and what he, in particular, has in store!

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