Guardian names “Tropic of Cancer” 59th best novel ever…..

tropicofcancerOn the heels of this past weekend’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tropic of Cancer’s legalization, let’s revisit that influential just one more time, shall we?

There have been a gazillion novels written and the UK’s Guardian took the time whittle the list down to 100. And in their list of the 100 Best Novels ever, Msr. Miller clocks in at number 59.

Money quote: “Miller’s delight in rubbing the reader’s face in filth was intoxicating and influential. His “fuck everything” would inspire Kerouac, Genet, Burroughs, Mailer and Ginsberg, among others. Not bad for a man who had once written: “Why does nobody want what I write?”

Read it all here!

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