Coming in at #8 for the “Favorite HML Moment of 2014” it’s…..

Coming in at #8 for the “Favorite HML Moment of 2014” with 3% of the vote is “The Library’s co-production of the ‘Old Man and the Mountain Lion’ movie.” (Vote for your favorite here!)

1800346_554785531322409_5178894470983994330_nIndeed, “The Old Man and the Mountain Lion” is a short film inspired by the untamed, sometimes volatile spirit of Big Sur, California.

Nature can symbolize freedom, which can inspire art. In this case, it was a symbiotic relationship. In the film, after an old man loses his beloved house cat to a mountain lion, he sets off into the brutal and arresting Big Sur wilderness to seek his revenge.

Written and directed by Big Sur filmmaker Michael Harrington and beautifully shot all around Big Sur, the film was included in this past summer’s Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series (as well as the Carmel Film Festival.)

Buy it from us here!

Check out the movie’s Facebook page here!  And their site here!


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