New update from Magnus re: the Library’s temporarily closure (we’re back open!), a NEW raffle prize, and what’s coming up next!

logoDear Friend,

From November 15th to December 13th, the Henry Miller Memorial Library was closed.

Happily, Monterey County granted us our operating permit, and I am pleased to report that the Library will remain open for the indefinite future!

But boy, was it a strange month.

People kept asking me “Is the Library closed forever?”

Mike reported that on separate occasions tourists peered their heads over the fence and said, “Can we please come in? We came from Boston/Chicago/England,” etc.

And countless of visitors parked their cars, read the “temporarily closed” sign, and went on their way.

The closure provided a stark look at a world without the Henry Miller Memorial Library. It was depressing. Donate-button-web

So what now?

Well, we’ve have made major improvements in recent years to address concerns around water and septic issues.

Next year we’ll tackle major issues like securing a coastal development permit, an easement to provide access to water system facilities, and constructing ADA access ramps, parking spaces, and a new water treatment system. For more information on our 2015 fundraising goals click here.

So if you’ve yet to make a donation, I’d humbly ask for your support to carry us into 2015 and beyond.

Thank you to all who have made a donation in 2014 already!

And since we too are in the holiday spirit, we’d like to sweeten the deal: all donors will be eligible for a raffle. The winning prize? A private candlelit dinner at the Library with you and up to 4 of your closest friends.

Click here to donate.
We probably don’t need to tell you this, but it’s worth repeating. The Library is more than just a book store in the woods.

It’s a world-wide and ever-growing community comprised of people like you, people who appreciate the power of the arts, the majesty of Big Sur, and of course, the legacy of one Henry Valentine Miller.

You are the Library, and we can’t do what we do without your support.

Thank you!

Magnus, Sarah, Mike and the Board of the Henry Miller Memorial Library

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