Check out BBC interview with Okey Ndibe, who’ll be leading the first-ever Big Sur Storytelling Workshop Feb 20-22!

Did you know that the inaugural Big Sur STORYTELLING workshop at the Big Sur Lodge is fast approaching (Feb 20-22)?

okeyThe location is reason enough to attend, but it gets much, much better.

The workshop will be led by acclaimed Nigerian author Okey Ndibe, whose work includes, among other things, the critically-lauded Foreign Gods Inc.!

The UK Guardian calls the novel, which depicts a New York taxi driver named Ike heading home to Nigeria to steal a god, a “morality tale for our time,” noting:

It is to Ndibe’s credit that he makes it clear that Ike is not a victim; these are the choices he makes. Here is an antihero who, whatever the circumstances that made him, is dissolute, weak-willed and entirely selfish. There should be no redemption for this man.

Yet, with subtle hints at moral turmoil, a gift for dark humour, and characterisation that is perceptive and neatly observed, Ndibe manages to persuade the reader to root for Ike, even as his haphazard plans begin to unravel.

Click below hear an illuminating interview with Okey on the BBC discussing the novel.


And visit the Big Sur Storytelling Workshop home page here for more information and to register!

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