This Sunday July 19 (4 pm)- Under the Persimmon tree with Robert Greenfield!

On Sundays in July-Sept, we’ll host some of the country’s most accomplished authors, artists, and journalists “Under the Persimmon Tree.” July 19th features Robert Greenfield, Carmel-based author, journalist, and screenwriter best known for his work with the Rolling Stones!

liu023Check out this great interview with Robert, who talks about his career and his craft.  Some money quotes:

If you’re very lucky, perhaps you’ve seen The Rolling Stones in concert or, maybe you harbor some collectable vinyl albums. It’s unlikely, however, that you’ve gone on tour with the Stones, spent dozens of hours interviewing members of the band, or even spent days living at Mick Jagger’s villa. Award-winning author and summer Peaks Island resident Robert Greenfield has done those things; it’s fair to say that our understanding of music in 20th century society is better for it.

Greenfield said, “Writing about extraordinary people you can learn something about life that is different than writing about people with quiet lives.” In part, Greenfield attributes the success of his career — writing about icons of the music industry — to “feeling passionate about the work and remaining absolutely trustworthy in trying to capture the humanity of people who can really be very difficult.”

Read the whole thing here!