In today’s installment of “What I’ve Been Into,” we present… Dan R.!!!

As you know, we here in Big Sur are a primitive lot. Internet is slow. Food after 10 pm is non-existent. And access to the collective Zeitgeist is the police blotter in the Carmel Pine Cone.

It’s these little things that make our sleepy existence here quaint, comforting, and easy to ridicule.

But it comes at a cost. Namely, our connection to “the real world.” So we need your help.

Every week during our movie nights, we’re going to show a brief video clip called “What I’ve Been Into.”  We’d like you to be the person in that video.

Here’s today’s installment: Dan. R!

Whip out your iPhone, introduce yourself, and tell us what you’ve been into. Your face will be on the big screen in front of 120 drooling Big Sur hillbillies and, if you play your cards right, our YouTube channel as well!Are you binge-watching “Game of Thrones?” Fair enough. Downing espresso at the new cafe down the street? Great. Is there a new meme (sp?) you like? You can do better, but tell us about it anyway!

Enlighten us. Patronize us. Give us a window into your 21st-century world. We’ve heard (mostly) good things!

Do it!  Do it now!
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