Sunday Oct 4 at the Henry Miller Library: Big Sur Redwood Auction!

One year after auctioning off the first set of 10 slabs from a fallen 500-year old old-growth coast redwood tree, the Henry Miller Memorial Library is
set to auction off ten more!

But first, the epic backstory…

Years before Europeans stepped foot in California…decades before Martin Luther challenged the foundation of the Western religious tradition…A century before Galileo claimed that the earth revolved around the sun….

…a 200 foot old-growth coast redwood tree stood approximately 10 feet to the southeast from where you are currently standing.

There it stood for close to 500 years. Until December 2, 2012.

At 9 am, a staff member was eating breakfast in the back office when he heard that terrifying, unmistakable sound. He ran out and instantly saw an explosion of what looked like sawdust near the base of the tree, as if a stick of dynamite was detonated in its trunk.

And then it fell.

Upon examining the wood, local lumberjacks were amazed at what they found: pure, pristine, unadulterated redwood, ideal for artistic or household uses like tables, benches, counters, doors, and paneling.

In 2014, the Library auctioned off ten slabs.

And now, our Sunday Oct. 4, 2015, we’ll be auctioning off ten more.

You will be unable to find old-growth redwood of such quality and consistency, nor from such a hallowed and historic location.

Proceeds will beneft the Henry Miller Memorial Library, a 501 (c) 3 nonproft arts organization.

Wine served by True Myth Winery

You will be allowed to bid remotely – click for details.

Visit for updates and information regarding specific slabs.

Questions? Call us at 831-667-2574.