“Henry Miller: Excerpts on a Traumatized Existence,” courtesy of Solidarity Hall!

“Henry Miller was the prophet of the modern man—particularly, the modern American man. He was the prophet of a traumatized existence—not traumatized physically, but in every other way: psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

henrymiller1-620x265“Like most prophets and poets (for he was a poet also), he did not say anything unusual, but only said what a million others would have said if they could have found the words.

“He said the same thing other writers have said, only he said it better. He was able to testify in crystal clear language to those subtle pains and pleasures which to most of us stay buried beneath layers of confusion, ignorance, and inner noise….His intuition was unobscured, and he wields it masterfully…..”

“Truth be told, part of the purpose of the article is to vindicate Miller not only from his enemies, but also from “friends” like these reviewers, who in their praises only proved that they entertained a notion of the book which was just as superficial as those who dubbed it pornography and rejected it as such….”

A provocative read from Solidarity Hall Click to read the whole thing!