You are currently viewing Henry Miller Exhibition in Spain, Courtesy of VFL (Volunteer for Life) Isabel!

Henry Miller Exhibition in Spain, Courtesy of VFL (Volunteer for Life) Isabel!

Each Library VFL is like a Johnny Appleseed, who, upon leaving Big Sur, sets forth to all corners of the globe spreading the, uhhh, figurative…um…seed of one Henry Miller. (Deepest apologies for a most unfortunate analogy.)

isabelTake Isabel (left), for example. She’s the best. She’s from Spain!  She volunteered at the Library over the summer. (Did we mention she is la mejor?)

Isabel returned to Spain and curated a Henry Miller exhibition entitled The Happy Rock— an homage to Brassai’s book on Henry– during the local Banned Book Fair, just outside the city, in September.

It was a resounding success!

The entire exhibition was composed by few boards, a fanzine, a library corner and we also collaborated with a library in Barcelona, Llibreria Calders, which provided Isabel with Miller’s books.

The Henry Miller Memorial Library itself was also on display, as Isabel framed her exhibition through the lens of “place,” the idea that a physical location can exude the spirit of a writer and be a work of art in and of itself. For example, a participating library from Catalonia curated a similar exhibition regarding Thoreau and his muse, Walden Pond.

Isabel will also curate a similar exhibition at the aforementioned LLibreria Calders!

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