You are currently viewing What are you into? What’s so good about Big Sur? We want to hear from you!!!

What are you into? What’s so good about Big Sur? We want to hear from you!!!

Send us a video of you explaining “what you’re into!”  All it takes is an iphone! Send it to !

As you know, we here in Big Sur are a primitive lot. Internet is slow. Food after 10 pm is non-existent. And access to the collective Zeitgeist consists of the police blotter in the Carmel Pine Cone. Case in point: The other day, our staff Mike told someone he had a friend who “worked for an app.” The city-dwelling person corrected him: You can’t work for an app. You work for a start-up that creates an app.

Who knew?

Indeed, it’s these little things that make our sleepy existence here quaint, comforting, and easy to ridicule.

But it comes at a cost. Namely, our connection to “the real world.”

Nataniel Hawthrone called this voluntary detachment from fellow man “the unpardonable sin,” and that’s pretty heavy. We want no part of that.

So we need your help.

Every week during our movie nights, we’re going to show a brief video clip called “What I’ve Been Into.”

We’d like you to be the person in that video.

Whip out your iPhone (they’re still around, right?), introduce yourself, and tell us what you’ve been into. It will appear on the big screen!  For an example, here’s Dan R!

And the more Big Sur-focused the better!  A short film from the bar at Nepenthe, the Gorge, Jade Cove, Bixby Lime Kilns, South Coast Gold Mines…the mind reels!

Please just keep it under 5 minutes. And by all means, focus on as many things, memes, news, previous adventures, collages, etc. as you’d like: a grab-bag approach is something our hazelnut-sized brains can (probably) process. 1 minute up to 5!

Enlighten us. Patronize us. Give us a window into your 21st-century world. We’ve heard (mostly) good things!

As always,