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A Big Sur Podcast
A Big Sur Podcast
Tim Green


Here is a two hour and seven minute conversation with longtime Big Sur resident Tim Green. Sitting in the grass looking out over the Pacific Ocean in the fall of 2015 the talk touches on many subjects and many experiences in Tim’s life. The 37 minute cut below includes Tim quoting Kay Short saying: Here in Big Sur we walk up to see the view, we walk out to see the view. We put our houses back, away.  (the photo above is of La Jolla in recent times.)

Full interview: 

37 Minute cut: 

To Download on a Mac: ‘Control Click’ on the sound bar – then download to iTunes or desktop – listen in your car on your way up and down the coast!  (-:

NOTES: Pardon the wind noise, birds, bees and a couple of airplanes…Some of the Places, People and Things in this interview include La Jolla, Early Surfing, Balsaboard, Spearfishing, Cumberland Island, ‘sea island of Georgia.’ Carnegie, Nan Rockefeller, The Lizard Lady (herpetologist!). Freshwater Hyacinths, Lotus Flowers…Greyfield Inn…’eat-more-possum Carol’ – what needs to be be ‘saved.’ Loggerhead turtles…

Asphalt vs Dirt

A very good short history of the efforts over the years to preserve Big Sur as a wild and rural place…You might as well listen to whole interview to start with since I bet you will do that anyway if you listen to the ‘cut.’

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