Sunday March 20th – Joshua Tree Meets Big Sur Is it us or is it Hot (Pick) in here?

unnamed (1)Is it us or is it Hot (Pick) in here?
Sunday’s show,”Joshua Tree meets Big Sur,” was dubbed a “Hot Pick”by the Monterey County Weekly! Look to your left and see for yourself! (And yes, we do have a scanner. And it’s fabulous.)
As for the show, you can expect:
Lavalley and the Peaks. Atmospheric dreamy desert music. Think Ry Cooder thumb-wrestling Brian Eno in Steve Earle’s backyard under the crepuscular Joshua Tree sky.
Annachristie. It’s 1977 and you’re roller blading to Fleetwood Mac in Venice Beach at dusk. Look, there’s Dusty Springfield playing frisbee. Sade serves you a taco.
Big Sur’s Wild Boy, who has no Web presence. It’s precisely this kind of mystery that only adds to his…um…mystery.
He’s the Howard Hughes of Central Coast experimental rock!
By donation. Doors at 7:30 pm. Show at 8. RSVP here!

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