From the NYT: “In Crete, Miller Found His Muse Amid the Ruins…”

It’s always nice when major publications like the Times give Henry some love.
This one is no exception — an illuminating travelogue of a writer’s experience in Greece, juxtaposed with Henry’s reflections from his seminal book The Colossus of Maroussi, dubbed by Pico Iyer as one of the “five greatest travel books of all time.”
As the Times piece notes — read the whole thing here! — Henry went to Greece as the Nazis bore down on Paris, taking his first real vacation, alone, at 48, to visit the English novelist Lawrence Durrell on the Greek island of Corfu.unnamed
Indeed, Miller himself considered Colossus to be his best work.
Why, there’s Henry, to the right, Henry Miller and ‘the Colossus’ himself, George Katsimbalis, in Greece, circa 1939!

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