More Internet Love for Henry’s The Colossus of Maroussi!

unnamedSometimes it takes decades for great works of art to be appreciated by the general public. Moby Dick, for example, was a total flop upon its initial release.
Critics weren’t initially kind to Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and now it’s at the top of most “Best of All-Time” lists. And don’t get us started on the Bee Gees’ Main Course.
Which brings us to Henry’s incandescent Grecian travelogue, The Coloussus of Maroussi. Indeed, it was Henry’s favorite book, and it turns out he was on to something. You may recall in a previous Digest we cited a New York Times piece on it. 
Well, now we’d like to refer you to a generous write-up courtesy of Hyperallergic. Check it out here!

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