Exclusive photos from the Aller Retour Paris dinner party featuring Jim Haynes, John Calder, and more!

(Arguably) the crown jewel of the Library’s Aller Retour Paris festival, held in May of 2014, was our dinner party celebrating the 80th anniversary of the publication of the Tropic of Cancer. We corralled a who’s who of Miller colleagues, experts, and fans for an amazing evening of discussions and sausages.
Guests included:
  • John Calder – The man who published Miller’s previously banned works in Europe.
  • Georges Hoffman — The son of Michael Hoffman, the man who founded Agence Littéraire Hoffman, Paris in 1935 and still handles worldwide rights in Henry Miller’s works. Georges and his brother Boris run the agency today.
  • Juliette Kahane – The granddaughter of Jack Kahane, founder of Obelisk Press, which published “Tropic of Cancer.”

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