Presenting the sensational poster from by Edwin Fotheringham commemorating 2014’s Aller Retour Paris fest!

Presenting the sensational poster from by Edwin Fotheringham commemorating the Library’s Aller Retour Paris, the week-long festival (May 5 -11th, 2014) that celebrated Paris’s role in shaping Henry Miller as a writer and raconteur!!!

Get yours HERE! 


In May of 2013 the Henry Miller Library curated Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge, a week’s worth of events including film screenings, concerts, and readings in Brooklyn celebrating the writer’s legacy. (Henry grew up in Williamsburg.)

Word quickly spread and we were amazed to see that the New Yorker featured the event — along with a stunning drawing of Henry, which you can see HERE — in its May 6th print issue.

We contacted the illustrator, the brilliant Edwin Fotheringham,who generously gave us permission to recreate the image in poster form. The first run of 100 poster sold out almost instantly.

Now, however, we have 200 more — and we anticipate they’ll go fast as well. Get yours here.

Which, at longs last, brings us to the poster you’re currently considering.

A year after our Brooklyn sojourn we curated Aller Retour Paris,another week’s worth of events celebrating Henry’s legacy, this time in his adopted home of Paris.

We recently asked Edwin to create a similar poster commemorating this event and he did not disappoint!

Bring Henry and his best friend into your home for only $30, but do it fast. These will fly off the (figurative) shelves as well – only 200 available!!!

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