Pitchfork gives Range of Light Wilderness a shout-out!

The Range of Light Wilderness — whose frontman, Tommy, is playing tomorrow, Sat. the 14th at the Henry Miller Library — is name-dropped in Pitchfork by Real Estate’s Alex Bleeker!!

“In the spirit of paying positivity forward,” Pitchfork asked a bunch of onetime Rising acts to “tell us about the burgeoning music makers they are most hyped about going into 2017.” Here’s Alex:

“The Range of Light Wilderness is a quintessential rock band for the 21st century. Perfect three-part harmonies float above overdriven garage hooks in service of melodies so catchy they feel almost ingrained in a greater musical consciousness.

“This band has earned a steady and loyal cult following along the coast of California, popular for their super-tight, uplifting live performances and textured lo-fi recordings.”

TICKETS HERE. (Limited INDOOR seating!)



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