Still Merry and Bright? Rethinking Henry Miller, courtesy of the Millions…

On the eve of the HML-curated Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge in 2013, Bill Morris ruminates on Miller’s legacy (particularly through the lens of an ever-gentrifying Brooklyn) in The Millions.

A must-read!

Money quote:img_1576

“Once so scandalous that he was outlawed, Miller is now old hat. How much the world has changed – and what a big part he played in changing it, for better and for worse.

“Henry Miller did me several huge favors. He taught me that a novel can be whatever a novelist has the courage and the talent to conjure. He taught me that there’s something noble about stepping off the American treadmill, a lesson that’s more valuable today than ever before.

“He taught me that my native distaste for governments, authority, religions, taboos, cops, saviors, and salesmen puts me in good company….”

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