Department of Cosmic: Mike, the Kitchen Sisters, and Sam Phillips!

Here’s an extra-cool tale of cosmic Henry Miller Library serendipity, as articulated by Mike, in an email to Magnus, on January 31, 2017:

So currently I’m reading this magisterial biography on Sam Phillips, the man who invented rock n roll.

Last night I got to a passage that talks about how the Kitchen Sisters did two shows on him in the 90s, while he was still alive.
I made a note to myself in my phone to look up their stories online today. It said “Kitchen Sisters – Sun”
Fast forward to 10 minutes ago.  A strangely familiar woman walks in the store, asks for Magnus; I tell her you’re in Sweden.  She wrote you a note. I put it in your slot.
“I think I met you last time I was here,” she says. “I’m Nikki Sliva from the Kitchen Sisters.”
I, of course, lost my mind.  And then showed her my note in the phone!!!
What are the odds???
PS – Check out this Sisters’ show on Sam, from 2015!

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