The quintessential Big Sur experience moves to town due to ongoing weather challenges. 
Proceeds benefit two local nonprofits. Tickets go on sale at Noon April 24, 2017

The upcoming Big Sur Fashion Show in Carmel brings to mind this immortal question by Stevie Nicks: Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

For those of us in the Big Sur community, the answer is, “Yes, there’s one dream in particular we’d like to sell. It’s the dream where the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge was destroyed, closing Big Sur businesses, and disrupting the lives of our residents!”

But that’s the great thing about dreams. There’s eventually a good one behind the bad one.

And the one that’s coming up is a doozy!

The 2017 Big Sur Fashion Show is coming to Carmel! Friday May 19th at the Barnyard Shopping Center, located at the intersection of Rio Road and Highway 1
. Reception from 6-8 pm. Show starts at 8:30pm.

The theme? “In Your Dreams” of course!

”The Show will go on!” exclaims Elsa Rivera, Executive Director of the Big Sur Fashion Show. “The River Inn was unable to host the Show this year due to their obvious need to recover from recent mud slides and storms,” Rivera says, “and now we are grateful to the good people at The Carmel Barnyard for agreeing to host our event.“’In Your Dreams’ gives designers an opportunity to manifest a dream, vision, nightmare, or fantasy in their designs,” Rivera explained. “There’s only one rule, the one we’ve always had; use of NO traditional cloth material.”Since its inception, the Big Sur Fashion Show has challenged each designer to design entirely without fabric or traditional clothing materials. This has produced some magnificent one-of-a-kind, up-cycled, recycled and unique fashion seen on the Central Coast.The Big Sur Fashion Show “is one of the community’s favorites,” said Henry Miller Library Executive Director Magnus Toren, and he predicts May’s event will be a “party of mind-blowing catharsis!”

“We’ve been faced with real life challenges in the last few months. A bridge is gone! Hundreds of mud and rockslides. Our one road is cut in half and closed to the south. Many businesses are closed, people’s lives are seriously disrupted. But in the midst of all the travails there are many beautiful community projects initiated, and the fashion show, of course, is one of them. So I know we’re all very much looking forward to getting together and letting off some steam!” adds Toren.

Net proceeds from The  Big Sur Fashion Show will benefit Coast Property Owners Association’s Big Sur Relief Fund and the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

But there’s more! The audience dress-to-impress theme is “Chasing the Rainbow” and Rivera encourages all attendees to wear their favorite color or rainbow attire. The Kids Fashion Show is back and better than ever! And the show announced its Title Sponsor, Treebones Resort, a long time supporter of the show.Currently, the Fashion Show Idea Squad is working on site planning, runway design, artwork and has just put together a comprehensive introduction to the 2017 designers both on Facebook and on the website.For more information and to keep up with updates, announcements about tickets or ways to Sponsor, go to:

Media Contact: Elsa Rivera  831-596-8105

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