Three weeks in: Reflections on the Barnyard experience!

We are a little over three weeks into our new location at the Barnyard, and people keep asking us, “How’s it going?”

So we figured a little reflection is in order. Here, in helpful bulleted-form, is a list of reflections about our experience thus far.  Enjoy!

* Our opening party was a smashing success! But you may have already known that. Many, many people made it possible; click here for our extensive “thank you” list.

Magnus at the Grand Opening, May 28

* Movie nights have proved to be startlingly successful thus far!  Week 1 sold out and we added a second night.

It’s great seeing familiar faces and we imagine, once folks start spreading the word, the buzz will continue to build.

(Sign up for future nights here!)

* The torch has been passed! Noel Mapstead now makes the World’s Best Popcorn (TWBPC.)

* People LOVE La Croix!

* The Barnyard location, from an acoustic perspective, is a great room for live music.

* For every townie willing to drive down to Big Sur on a weeknight for an event, there are 1.5 townies more than happy to drive to Carmel for an event.

* If it’s movie night in Big Sur and you run out of coconut oil, you don’t need to call Sunny and have her make a heroic, last-minute run. You just walk 300 yards to Lucky’s.

* We have our own redwood tree! (We need a name for it….)

*From Scratch, the restaurant across the way and down one level, apparently has the best breakfast in town.

*Sur, the restaurant across the way, has great green beans and Asian nachos.

*Lafayette’s needn’t bankrupt us; they have a 2-for-1 pastry deal from 5-6 pm every day! (Although we knew that before we moved in.)

*Aabha probably will bankrupt us. In the best possible gastronomic way, of course!

*The other day Mike heard the rustling of trees and shrubbery and instinctively thought a 200-foot redwood tree was falling. But it was just a Barnyard maintenance guy trimming some bushes. Mike was relieved.

*There isn’t as much daytime foot traffic at the Barnyard, compared to Big Sur. Hopefully, that will change as the buzz builds.

*The five authors, below, making up Henry’s literary pantheon on the Library’s south wall are, left to right, Blaise Cendrars, Johan August StrindbergFyodor Dostoyevsky, Arthur Rimbaud, and Knut Hamsun.

*That’s all the reflecting we have in us for the time being. More reflection will follow. Stay tuned, and thanks!

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