Aug 12 – “Newspapers: The Internet is Still Here, But So Are We!” with Paul Miller

The death of newspapers, to paraphrase Mark Twain, has been greatly exaggerated.

That said, things are rather precarious.

The Internet behemoths may dominate the news business today in a way that William Randolph Hearst and Edward R. Murrow never even dreamed of, leading to the nationwide collapse of the old-fashioned newspaper industry.

According to Paul Miller, publisher of the Carmel Pine Cone, it didn’t have to be that way.

Join us, Saturday August 12, at the Henry Miller LAB at 5 pm, for an informative and entertaining talk, where Miller, a 40-year veteran of television and print journalism, will discuss the state of news today, and explain how The Pine Cone has managed to thrive and grow in a very competitive environment.

Miller will also discuss his days as a globe-trotting news producer for NBC and CBS, and engage in a free-wheeling discussion about the top local news stories of today.

More info and to RSVP here. (You can also RSVP by calling 831-667-2574.)

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