Friday at the LAB: Loch & Key, with Kip Boardman, from LA!!

Monterey County Weekly is amped about Friday’s show at the Henry Miller LAB: Loch and Key, and Kip Boardman live!

RSVP for this show HERE.

And, well, you should consider being amped too! Here’s why (to quote the Weekly):

“October’s very own Friday the 13th brings an evening of lush sonic sounds to ease superstitions.

The Pianist, bassist, guitarist and songwriter (among other things) Kip Boardman opens the night with his country-folk rock. His fourth album, Boardman, sounds like spring—a lovely gentle thawing of his northeastern roots warmed by his current California home.

The golden state sunshine also contributes to the aural synthesis of LA-based Sean Hoffman and Leyla Akdogan Hoffman. The dream pop spousal duo are Loch & Key, promoting their sophomore album, Slow Fade. It’s a self-explanatory title—strong lullabies of soft harmonies urge lucid dream states that catch listeners in a hammock of starry-eyed haze and blanket them with galactica.”

Friday the 13th seems like good luck after all.

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