Exciting news! The HML returns to NYC! Help us spread the word!

On Sunday, November 19th, the THEATRE FOR A NEW AUDIENCE AT THE POLONSKY SHAKESPEARE CENTER in Brooklyn will host a reading of Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Ruhl’s critically acclaimed play Dear Elizabeth with actors Elizabeth Marvel and Bill Camp!

The performance is a benefit for the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

Tickets are $100 ($75 is tax deductible) and on sale here.

If you live within 250 miles of the city, we’d love to see you!

If you don’t, you probably have friends, family, and/or others who do. Please help us to make sure they all know about this!

Bottom line? Two of modern theater’s most accomplished actors are performing a work from a Pulitizer Prize-nominated playwright—all to benefit the Henry Miller Library.
This is amazing news and we need your help in shouting it from the (figurative) rooftops!   

Here’s the ticketing page again, and here is the Facebook event page.

Thanks and see you in Brooklyn!!

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