What explains our love affair with (independent) bookshops?

For an answer, check out this great review in the The New York Times of BOOKSHOPS: A Reader’s History by Jorge Carrión, which serendipitously enough, name-drops Mssr. Miller:

“Repression is a reality because regimes can know their enemies by what they read and write. Book burning was routine for Spain’s Inquisition and Franco’s dictatorship as well as for Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong and a good many other dictators.

“Myriad authors have also seen their books banned, from Charles Baudelaire, Joyce, D.H. Lawrence and Henry Miller to Salman Rushdie.

“The United States is no innocent, Carrión notes, “with the present proscription of books enforced by thousands of bookshops, educational institutions and libraries for political or religious reasons.”

Read the whole thing!!

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