Why did Emil convert his house into a memorial for Henry? “Because I missed him.”

MEGA-FLASHBACK! September 05, 1988 in the Los Angeles Times interviews EMIL WHITE about Henry and converting his home into the Library!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

“A year after Miller died in 1980, White transformed his rustic Big Sur cabin, set in a meadow surrounded by a grove of redwoods, into a shrine to Miller.

“His living room is filled with photographs of Miller; the hallways are covered with the author’s primitive paintings, and a bedroom is filled with Miller’s first editions, letters, treatises and drawings.

White, 87, calls his home the Henry Miller Memorial Library. On a recent morning, as White finished his breakfast, tourists milled about, pestering him with questions about Miller’s writing habits and girlfriends.

“When asked why he gave up his privacy and turned his home into a Miller museum, White said, “Because I missed him….”


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