“01.18.18 – Before Lena Dunham, there was Anaïs Nin – now patron saint of social media…”

In today’s installment of “Catching up with Anaïs Nin,” we present an excellent assessment of her ever-growing legacy, courtesy of the Guardian.

Money quote:

In 1995, there were no feminist blogs, no Twitter. There was no Girls, no Broad City, and not much in the way of making popular entertainment by fictionalizing sexual encounters. Crucially, the word “slut-shaming” simply did not exist.

Without it, no one could concisely identify what was happening to Nin, or why: how a woman who’d spent decades on the bleeding edge of American intellectual life, a woman who had been a respected colleague of male writers who pushed the boundaries of acceptable sex writing – Miller, with Tropic of Cancer; Gore Vidal, with his groundbreaking treatment of gay men in The City and the Pillar – and were called geniuses for it, was now being publicly reduced to, essentially, a stupid slut.

Twenty years after the great trashing of 1995, the landscape is different. The world of 2015 is, essentially, Nin’s world to claim.

Read the whole thing! (RTWT)

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