From VICE magazine….the 5 Best Animal Collective Live Sets of All Time…

Clocking in at #4…Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, California – June 27, 2009….

“By the summer of 2009, Animal Collective were experiencing mainstream success for the first time with the release of Merriweather Post Pavilion, but they had already been touring its songs for about two years.

“This soundboard recording at Big Sur’s Henry Miller Library – an intimate, outdoor performance on a foggy night – is the Merriweather era in full focus. Here we get touchstones from the period, including “Summertime Clothes,” the Afro rave-up “Brother Sport,” and a one-off version of Bleed.

“The group was really onto something during this period. Their shows felt like an exorcism, as if they were making music for a kind of ineffable power.”

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