Tonight in Big Sur! Music from red steppes!

 Tonight in Big Sur! red steppes / indoors at the Library!!!
Doors at 7, by donation. Here’s what the Weekly has to say about it:
“Nika Aila States is an artist in more ways than one. As a photographer she captures a kaleidoscope of life: When it’s on the road, when it’s trying to stand still as a landscape and in varying degrees of saturation.
“She seems to take the same approach as a musician when she takes on the guise of red steppes. She confronts landscapes, people and emotions. She wades in them and is swayed by them.
“It’s all loosely translated in her narrative lyrics, which both grab from a country western tradition, but also borrows cues from that unicorn brand of indie-folk that is prevalent in coastal California…..” Read the whole thing!

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