Henry (played by Canadian actor Trevor White) makes cameo in “The Durrells!!”

Set in the mid 1930s, “The Durrells” is a British television sh0w following the financially struggling Durrells: Mum Louisa, 21-year-old Larry, 18-year-old Leslie, 17-year-old Margo and 11-year-old animal obsessive Gerald, who move to the beautiful Mediterranean island of Corfu.

Larry, aka Lawrence, was friends with Henry—although “super-fan” is probably a more accurate description. He famously wrote Henry the following:

“Dear Mr Miller: I have just read ‘Tropic of Cancer’ again and feel I’d like to write you a line about it,” he wrote. ” It strikes me as being the only really man-size piece of work which this century can really boast of. It’s a howling triumph from the word go.”

Anyway, in a recent episode of “The Durrells,” Henry makes a cameo, played by Canadian actor Trevor White!

This piece in Radio Times takes a closer look at the episode and explores the “artistic license” wielded by its writers, particularly as it pertained to Henry and Lawrence’s friendship…Check it out!


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