“A poet and dramatist tracks the life and times of an elusive Big Sur artist,” says the Weekly!

Saturday night, the Library is proud to host a staging of Peter Thabit Jones’ “A Fire in the Wood,” a drama about sculptor Edmund Kara, his relationship to his art and to the dramatic Big Sur coast.

More info and tickets ($20) available here.

In the meantime, check out the Monterey County Weekly’s interview with Messr. Jones (pictured) on the play HERE.

Money quote:

“Kara has been described as both shy and outrageous, a recluse who wore fanciful costumes at Nepenthe’s Bal Masque Ball, an artist who focused acutely on his work. Some of the dialogue Jones borrows from interviews:

“Wood is my tongue,” Kara once said. Elsewhere, he extrapolates from what he learned.

“He was an intense, strong character – physically strong, too… He’s proud of his Russian Jewish background, and that he came from working people.”

Do not miss this rare theater performance devoted to one of Big Sur’s most brilliant and iconoclastic artists!!!

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