Ping-Pong Free Press and the HML present “No Ledge Left to Love” by Dylan Krieger

Ping-Pong Free Press and the Henry Miller Memorial Library are proud to announce the publication of No Ledge Left to Love by Dylan Krieger.

Winner of the Ping-Pong Free Press poetry prize 2018. Award-winning poet and translator Brian Henry served as judge.

Praise for Dylan Krieger:

New York Times Book Review: “Dylan Krieger’s “Giving Godhead” will be the best collection of poetry to appear in English in 2017.”

We here at Ping-Pong Free Press believe No Ledge Left to Love will be the best of 2018.

Dylan Krieger’s No Ledge Left to Love is a book of delirious delights. Cutting across time(s) to fashion a visceral, necessarily disturbing tour of thought experiments and philosophical constructs, Krieger writes with an audacious yet sobering energy.

Rife with vertiginous wordplay and transgressive intent, these are poems “for the savagesphere or wherever next we might emerge after a thousand years cocooning in our eyelashes and sticky furs.”

Brian Henry, contest judge, author of 10 books of poetry, most recently, Static and Snow.

“In No Ledge Left To Love, Dylan Krieger deftly ricochets between the philosophical and the grotesque through powerfully direct prose poems that retain hypnotically lyric lines. Smart, visceral, and relentless, Krieger breathlessly hacks at the bloated body of western reason and—through a parade of mouths, derelict deities, and rivers of goo—keeps one hand extended, inviting us to the dance.” 

Janaka Stucky’s poetry collection, The Truth Is We Are Perfect, was chosen by Jack White’s newly-fledged imprint, Third Man books as their inaugural title.

About Dylan Krieger:

Regarding the creation of her book Krieger writes, “As the titles in its contents suggest, no ledge left to love is a poetry project that re-imagines and challenges the frameworks of Western philosophical thought experiments, especially with respect to gender categories, moral certitude, and diachronic identity.

Each poem focuses on a different thought experiment in analytical philosophy, from Plato’s allegory of the cave to Nagel’s spider in a urinal.

Recognizing that Western philosophy—like most all academic disciplines—has been largely dominated by wealthy straight white men, “no ledge” attempts to dismantle the reductive binaries and disembodied logic of the analytical philosophical vernacular, emphasizing instead the robust physicality and potent mutability of the bodies required to convey its lofty ideas.”

Dylan Krieger is an automatic meaning generator in south Louisiana, where she lives with a feline reincarnation of Catherine the Great and sunlights as a trade mag editor. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Louisiana State University, where she won the Billy Maich Academy of American Poets Prize and the Robert Penn Warren Award, respectively.

Her debut poetry collection, Giving Godhead (Delete Press, 2017), was dubbed “the best collection of poetry to appear in English in 2017” by the New York Times Book Review. She is also the author of dreamland trash (Saint Julian Press, 2018) . Find her at

About No Ledge Left to Love:

Dylan Krieger is a philosopher, there is no doubt about that, and with a typical philosopher’s bravado she takes an analytical exacto knife to the problems of our world. What does she find? Crony Capitalism and systems of oppression and dominance instituted by heterosexual upper class white males in order to keep their hegemony on power.

She speaks to us as the voice of the zeitgeist of America, a Greek chorus we have ignored for far too long. And the Greek influence is subtly present, almost undetectable. The metric and rhyme scheme she makes use of will remind readers of the epic poems of old.

And this is a new epic poem– not only because it makes deft use of rhyme and pattern–see quantum immortality–but because it traces the heroine’s journey from darkness into an even greater darkness.

The Odyssey is the story of the last hero from the Greek age of Heroes, No Ledge Left to Love is the story of humanity’s last age. Imbued with philosophical concepts and wit–Krieger’s tour de force is a trumpet call, but only for those who will hearken to it. Now the question is, will you?

  River Atwood Tabor author of Tumbleweed Migration and Haunted by Waters.

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