“Music survives — just barely” at the HML…

This is incredibly cool.

A few months back, a guest visited the Library and was intrigued by our “piano” lining the pathway. She took a photo of it.

She submitted it to Good Times Santa Cruz’s weekly photo competition.

She won!

We asked her to expound a bit more on the photo. Here’s what she said:

That photo means a lot to me. I had been staying at Lucia lodge off the unplugged/grid to work on a screenplay. I had been going through a lot in life. I stopped by the Henry miller library for the first time on my way home.

I just immediately connected with that piano as it had been so weathered and not broken. And so beautiful in its resilience. I also collect vinyl and love music so all of it connected with me so I took a picture.

Thanks Brinda!!

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